At Ethnix Group we always love to work with the premium brands in the market and this is a great opportunity to continue to grow on our business. We are very proud to welcome new brands to Ethnix. Guatemaya is a fresh and new brand that is motivated by their passion, dedication and enthusiasm to bring their products to the kitchen of many Guatemalans. Guatemaya gives us the opportunity to distribute their products through Distribuidora Limeña and reach more customers in the North American market.

Inspired by a culture that has a legacy of great contributions in architecture, medicine, mathematics and other fields, Guatemaya has developed, a brand that understands the importance of a culture filled of many virtues and contributions, we seek to bring to Guatemalans living in the United States a part of the country where many of them grew up and others who do not but know where they are from.

Guatemaya being part of Ethnix Group has a vision of culture and diversity, as producers of ethnic products we are proud to bring part of Guatemalan culture to people living in the United States, like all brands that are part of Ethnix we are excited to be part of the launch of a new brand.


We hope to be part of each one of you!