What is The Tennessee Grocers & Convenience Store Association? is an trade association that represents all segments of Tennessee’s food industry. TGCSA is the strong voice of Tennessee’s food industry before the state’s policy makers and regulators. Working closely with the Tennessee General Assembly, governor and multiple agencies, they stand firm against the advancement of ideas and movements that would be detrimental to our industry.

Building for the Future will bring together Tennessee’s leaders in representing the food industry in May and moving forward. Retailers and distributors will be present this May and Ethnix Group is no exception, representing Latin products.

Along with recognized brands in the market will be present: Don Beto, Guatemaya and Bocadeli. We are excited to rise to new challenges, demonstrating that our products are a small part of our land.

Ethnix Group is working to demonstrate that innovation and development in the food industry generates a great impact and our users know the quality of our products.