The Americas Food & Beverage Show focuses on increasing U.S. food and beverage exports for small and medium-sized companies. Located in the city of Miami Beach, this event has become integral for small U.S. exporters looking to expand their business presence in Latin America. 

Many of the small exporters attending this important event are looking to increase their exports throughout Latin America and the Caribbean without having to leave the U.S. The benefit to these exporters is being able to go international, while importers are looking for favorable logistics and a wide variety of U.S. products.  

This event is in Miami due to its strategic location which is “The Trade and Logistics Capital of the Americas” its cultural diversity makes it the ideal hub for international business in the Americas with agents/distributors representing regions from all over the world. 

This September 12th and 13th Ethnix Group will be participating in the American Food & Beverage Show with the purpose of seeking new strategic alliances that will help us provide a broader catalog and find potential products.