· Provide the agreed service to the clients of your DC, delivering complete, on time and correct.

· Always look for operating efficiencies.

· Prepare the warehouse payroll and approve the logistics payroll.

· Have the correct physical vs theoretical inventory.

· Maintenance of warehouses and transportation equipment.

· Attention to service providers and internal and external audits.

· Administration and approval of invoices for warehouse and transport services.

· Participation and leadership in company projects.

· Schedule and monitor warehouse equipment to meet fulfillment center demands, and manage workflow and quality to maximize efficiency and minimize overtime

· Provide and Monitor employee training.



· Plan daily routes by optimizing costs and exceeding customer services

· Monitor drivers using company applications to ensure transportation department information and regulations

· Responsible for maintenance of all resources, trucks, pallet jact, cleaning machine, wrap machine, cooler, and freezers.

· Look for local budget compliance and find opportunities to reduce costs

· Provide training to staff and ensure that all employees receive professional and excellent treatment.



· 10 days vacation
· Health Insurance- Healthcare (medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs)
· Holidays- Holiday pay opportunities


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