Delfina Cathey, a struggling mother, tells us her story of overcoming challenges with her family and how through the years she has overcome different challenges with her family. Delfina tells us about her experience as a mother and mentions that it has been a challenging journey and that with faith in God, it doesn’t matter how difficult things become.  

Difficult situations in life as a mother when receiving unpleasant news make you reflect and question why things happen, but with a firm faith in God, you can see the way out where you cannot find it.  

Many times, it is difficult to build strong communication with our children because we do not know how to deal with situations in their lives, but Delfina tells us that the communicative relationship with her children is something she built since they were young and when problems happened in their lives this was affected by multiple factors. Empathy and understanding are the most important elements in overcoming family problems and facing them with the necessary maturity to solve them.  

Delfina leaves a message to all mothers “Enjoy the time with your children, that time, never comes back”. Many times, other activities outside the family are prioritized, but the most important thing is the family.