Our Director of People and Human Resources at Ethnix Group, Millie Colom talks to us about her experience of more than 15 years in the human resources field, she mentions that “Working from home is a powerful tool because it provides the opportunity of concentration for work teams, due to many times they tend to have a very large workload”, through working from home the efficiency of the collaborators increases to complete their daily work activities.

In the HR environment, there are a lot of hard-skills that have to be acquired to perform efficiently with collaborators and colleagues in this field, Millie mentions that. “One of those skills is developmental leadership to help the collaborators to empower their skills to the fullest, also, communication and confidentiality is a vital part for this field”.

One of the strategies for success in any field is the implementation and development of Millie Colom’s 5S, this helps us improve, raise awareness, and better management of the resources within the organization. This skill can be developed in our teams through training and constant communication to make sure it has been understood and it’s being implemented

Millie Colom mentions that her experience being Director of Human Talent at Ethnix Group is a positive experience because our collaborators are always willing to support as a team and that drives Ethnix Group to have a growth like the one currently being developed.